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Pre-test for the Strategic Reading MOOC (B1 level)-session2-

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About This Course

This test is specifically designed to test your reading skills. It serves as a pre-test to measure the prerequisites for the Strategic Reading MOOC. Your score will determine whether you can take the MOOC or not.
You need to get a score of 70% to take the Strategic Reading MOOC.

Course Staff

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Prof. Nadia Idri, University of Abderrahmane Mira , Bejaia, Algeria.

A full professor with 18 years of teaching experience , and a project manager at 3ENL+, English Teaching MOOC Design and Delivery for Higher Education Instructors at the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific research, Algeria. Nadia is also the project manager of Teaching English at Bejaia University for University teachers. She has been working to develop EMP-Bejaia (English for Medical Purposes) in the Faculty of Medicine at Bejaia University since 2021. Nadia has been working as a translator of all types of documents (Arabic-French-English) in the Sub-Directorate of University and Research Partnership, Ministry of higher education and scientific research, Algeria and in charge of the translation bureau (Arabic/English) in the Global Institute of Arabic Renewal, Spain. She has many publications nationally and internationally (more than 60) and a rich contribution to many national and international conferences. In her university, she has been an active participant in most pedagogic and scientific tasks like teacher development and evaluation, doctoral training and mentoring, PRFU projects; conference chairing, a member of the quality assurance cell of the university, a member the Council of ethics and deontology of the University profession, a member of the “cellule d’accompagnement de sensibilisation, d’appui et de médiation » (CASAM), the founder and editor-in-chief of the“Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and society (JSLCS).

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Dr. Radia BOUGUEBS, ENS- Assia Djebbar, Constantine, Algeria.

An Associate Professor at the ENS of Constantine, Algeria. Her research interests focus on initial English language teacher education, drawing on teaching English for general purposes/ teaching English for Specific Purposes theory, teacher profile, classroom activities, etc. She has undertaken research on teacher education, innovative teaching approaches, developing language skills, language learning policies, and the use of ICTs in foreign language learning and teaching, Integrating Multimodal pedagogy in EFL classrooms. Her works have been published in national and international journals. Radia participated in many national and international conferences. She is an associate editor in different journals including the “ALTRALANG” journal, “JSLCS” journal, “FORUM des Enseignants” journal.

Instructional designers

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Dr. Ahmed BELHANI, Constantine 1 University , Algeria.

Dr. Ahmed Belhani is a senior associate professor in automation at the University of Constantine1 since 2004. In 2007, he was qualified as an e-learning specialist within the framework of the Algero-Swiss COSELEARN project. In 2012, in parallel with his specialized university course, He obtained his professional Master's degree in educational technologies from the University of Cergy Pontoise, for the qualification «Pedagogical engineer". In 2018, he became a professional in the design of MOOCs, following training with MIT. Dr. Ahmed BELHANI is the designer of the "ICT and teaching practices" training system launched in 2012 for the benefit of University Constantine 1’s teachers and which has been expanded for the training of partner establishments in the Maghreb and Europe, as part of the Tempus EUMILL project. From 2014-2016, the training was extended to the community of teachers from different national universities. In September 2022, Dr. Ahmed BELHANI was nominated as the president of the national commission for distance education.