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Academic Writing -B1 Level-

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About This Course

Welcome to "Academic Writing_B1 Level" MOOC! You are joining thousands of teachers enrolled in the present course. We are excited to have you in 3ENL+ and we look forward to your effective contribution. This MOOC is designed to guide you through academic writing. The main aspects of the course will help you develop the idea to write in a smooth way. We kindly invite you to complete all the assigned activities in order to find out more about paragraphs, essays, types of writings, and the logical sequence of ideas. The present MOOC will be explored through four weeks of instruction. In each week, you will learn complementary concepts of the week that comes after. Wish you all the best!


This course is targeted to the present year's promotion of the newely recruited teachers acquiring A1 and A2 levels.


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Dr. Fatiha SAHLI, Constantine1 University, Algeria

Dr. Fatiha SAHLI is a senior associate professor in Applied Linguistics at the Department of English, Constantine 1 University, Algeria. She occupied different pedagogical and administrative responsibilities. She has a major in applied linguistics, ELT, ESP, Pragmatics, and educational psychology, and a minor in Translation Studies. Her expertise covers applied linguistics, learners’ autonomy, e learning and technology. She is much interested in teaching the four skills. She has many national publications; she participated in many national and international conferences. And she supervised PhD theses and many master dissertations.

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Dr. Nour El Houda KHELOUFI, Constantine1 University, Algeria.

Dr. Nour el Houda, KHELOUFI (PhD in Applied Linguistics/Applied Language Studies) is currently teaching English at the Department of Letters and English at Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 University, Algeria). Her research interests include: Applied Linguistics, Pragmatics and Discourse Studies, ELT (English Language Teaching) , Information Processing, Corpus Studies, Intercultural Communication, ESP (English for Specific Purposes), EST (English for Science and Technology), Cognitive Linguistics, Language Skills, Conversation Analysis, Translation Studies, CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis).


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Dr. Ahmed BELHANI, Constantine1 University, Algeria.

Dr. Ahmed Belhani is a senior associate professor in automation at the University of Constantine1 since 2004. In 2007, he was qualified as an e-learning specialist within the framework of the Algero-Swiss COSELEARN project. In 2012, in parallel with his specialized university course, He obtained his professional Master's degree in educational technologies from the University of Cergy Pontoise, for the qualification «Pedagogical engineer". In 2018, he became a professional in the design of MOOCs, following training with MIT. Dr. Ahmed BELHANI is the designer of the "ICT and teaching practices" training system launched in 2012 for the benefit of University Constantine 1’s teachers and which has been expanded for the training of partner establishments in the Maghreb and Europe, as part of the Tempus EUMILL project. From 2014-2016, the training was extended to the community of teachers from different national universities. In September 2022, Dr. Ahmed BELHANI was nominated as the president of the national commission for distance education.

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